How To: Choose a Charles Shaw wine

Choose a Charles Shaw wine

Yes! Here it is. A video dispelling the myth of the two buck chuck (or $3 or $4 as the bottle may be). So if you're familiar with this Trader Joe's staple then you'll want to check out this video and find out if you should waste your time on the 2 buck chucks.

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2buck chuck
how else are you supposed to get your palatte prepped during college!

Trader Joe's does have some good deals...

Thanks... this is why Trader Joe's is off my list of wine shops! The regular stock is priced at normal retail. Nothing like in the eighties when I bought cases of Ch. Latour (yes, THE Latour) for $7 at Joe's in California. Lanson Black Label for $3. Many other classified Bordeaux for $3-12, and top tiered Spanish and Italian wines for pennies on the dollar. Sherries and Ports, German wines, going-out-of-business topranked California wines... those were the days. But back then, Joe had Liquor Barn to contend with. The original Shaw was a respected Carneros winery... this stuff is Soledad sh*&.

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