HowTo: Make Sweet Wine Slushies

Make Sweet Wine Slushies

While some may enjoy the taste of straight up spirits, others enjoy sweeter alcoholic treats (booze popsicles or Jell-O shots, maybe). Here's a recipe for an after dinner dessert-drink: Sweet Wine Slushies from The Kitchn.

HowTo: Make Sweet Wine Slushies

You Will Need:

  • One 750ml bottle sweet, fruity wine, such as moscato or icewine
  • Fresh orange juice or white grape juice (optional)
  • Ice cubes (optional)
  • Orange or strawberry slices, to garnish

"Pour the wine into empty ice cube trays. You will need about 2 standard-sized ice cube trays. (Each cube portion is about 1 ounce.) Freeze the wine overnight, or for at least 6 hours.

HowTo: Make Sweet Wine Slushies

When ready to serve, place 4 frozen wine cubes in the bowl of a small food processor or a blender. Blend quickly, in sharp bursts, just until the cubes have broken up. They will be soft and flakey to begin with, and it shouldn't take too much processing to turn them into a slush. Don't overprocess; this will turn them into liquid.

Scrape the slush into a martini glass, garnish with a piece of fruit, and serve immediately. Repeat for each serving."

Less-alcoholic variation: "If you would like a less alcoholic treat, replace several cube portions in each tray with orange juice, white grape juice, or a mixture of the two. For each serving, replace 1 cube of wine with juice. You can also do the same with ice. This will dilute the flavor, but will make each serving lighter and a little more of a palate cleanser."

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