How To: Make homemade wine cheap and easy

Make homemade wine cheap and easy

Making wine and party punch very easy and cheap. Best, it will get you drunk. You need water, juice, a balloon, a jug and some yeast.

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Da Loaf tinks you like da word $h!t(censored for da younguns)!

Loaf also wants to know what is up wit dat music!?!


anyone know if this actually works?

im trying it today! it is yeast and sugar of course it will work.

exactly, how hard can it be? :-)

that was the graetest thing ever I made up my own recipe in Hawaii with mango and other stuff that was growning I used some bread and brown sugar and sometimes I would go into my tent and and thier was liquid all on the floor so I had to clean up replace the lid but it turned out great drank it out of a half of coconut shell a nice lady gave me

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