How To: Make plum wine using 5 gallon demijohns

Make plum wine using 5 gallon demijohns

Rick Vanman shows you how to create plum wine from scratch with the use of a 5 gallon demijohn, a process that requires patience and time.

First, you pick enough plums to make the desired amount of wine. You pick the red plums for red wine, and the light plums for white wine.

Second you do the fermentation of the plums by soaking the plums in water mixed with pectolase for 3 days.

After the fermentation process you strain the liquid into a sterilized bucket, making sure none of the plums get in.

Then you boil the sugar for the wine. It requires 2 pounds of sugar for every gallon of wine. For five gallons, it requires 10 pounds of sugar.

While waiting for the water to boil for the sugar, you need to pour the liquid strained from the fermented plums into the demijohn.

Once the water has began boiling, you add the 10 pounds of sugar, and stir that until the sugar is completely dissolved into the water.

Then you let the sugar water cool, and pour it into the demijohn. After that's been added you mix it together. Let it cool some more.

After the liquids have been mixed, then add the yeast. It requires one sashay for 5 gallons.

Once you add the yeast, you let the liquid absorb the yeast, and then mix it all together.

Once you're done with that, you add the top of the demijohn to make it air tight, and then let the wine sit in a warm place for 6 months.

By following this step by step process, you will have your very own homemade wine to enjoy at home.

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