How To: Properly taste wine

Properly taste wine

in this movie we're shown two different ways to taste wine. First is the fun way. you taste it and decide whether you like it or not. The way to process if your putting a little more effort into is broken down into a few steps. Look at the color. The color tells a lot about the wine. Younger wines tend to be more purple and older wines more red or brick colored. Swirl the wine in the glass. Sometime by looking at it your able to see legs which can possibly tell you how much alcohol content is in the wine. Smell the wine. Since our taste consists of five tests, smelling actually gives a much better sense of taste. When you sip a drink, suck in some air. The air in the back of your throat will help your smelling glands pick up different taste through scent. If tasting many wines, spitting out the wine is usually done.

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